The Highland West Civic Association  2024

Over the past year or so, our civic association has taken a look at what neighborhood watch used to mean and have transformed it into being what it can be and needs to be for the time in which we are now living.  Out of this dialogue came what we are calling "Neighbor2Neighbor".    "Highland West" is much more than just the northeastern quadrant of the hilltop, but rather a collection of smaller, individual communities of historic importance.  We decided to tap into these historic names and use them as name for our primary neighborhood watch areas.  Of course, as we go along these areas can be split up as well into smaller areas as needs arise and as additional volunteers come forth.  Each neighborhood watch group will subscribe to the Neighbor2Neighbor Program, but will be independent from the other watch groups and the association itself and will be considered a "collaboration" that works together to improve the quality of life for the enter Highland West Community.

The map below highlights these primary areas.  Find the one in which you reside and sign up to a member for that area.  You need not be a member of the civic association to join.  The civic association is simply taking the lead in getting these organized and thereafter will serve as  the "facilitator" for all the watch groups, that together form this "collaboration", insuring consistency, providing an added layer of anonymity for their participants, and provide monthly Community Safety Meetings which we all may attend.    Find what area you live in and volunteer to become a member today by emailing us at:  

Highland West Neighborhood WatchNeighbor2Neighbor

Neighborhood Watch, at one time called "block watch", is about so much more than calling the police on one's neighbors.  It is really about "community" in a holistic sense, incorporating not only safety, but promoting the general welfare of the neighborhood, neighborhood development, "community cohesiveness" where everyone "belongs", and about caring for one another's well being.