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Highland Civic Association Meeting, May 18, 2023, 7:00 PM, Glenwood Rec Center, 1888 Fairmont Avenue.   PLEASE plan to join us.   Our MAIN PRESENTER for the evening will be Sgt. Edward Daniher from the Columbus Police Department who works in our precinct, #19.  He will discuss current crime trends and what we need to watch for as the warm weather is now upon us.   Crime affects all of us and the new model of "community based policing" depends upon all of us and our cooperation with those in uniform.  This is meant to be a community discussion, so please come with your questions, your comments, and suggestions.  Whether you live in Highland West or any other neighborhood on the Hill, you are invited to join the discussion as we share the same crimes among ourselves, the main through-streets do not shield us.    All are welcome, both residents and non, and both masked and unmasked!  Let's continue to build the bonds of community ... we are all in this together.

Our success and our ability to stage events and to bring people together is dependent upon your support as members of The Highland West Civic Association, along with your willingness to volunteer and take part in our programs and advocacy.  Highland West holds great promise and WE INVITE you to become part of "the vision" of all that it can be;  we need EVERYONE at the table, especially to avoid over-gentrification and the subsequent loss of residents.

A lot of exciting things are about to come to our neighborhood and our corridors, so this is the PERFECT time to become a member and take your seat at the table by clicking on the link below and joining us!  You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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Thanks to all who came out for our Annual Spring Fling Broad Street Litter Pick Up on Saturday, April 1st! A special thank you to our partners Veritas Church and The Refuge for their help and friendship over the years and to the Columbus Police for keeping our litter pickup down to and by the freeway and back safe along Broad Street. Also, thanks to everyone who shared our event on social media! The event was a great success, with enough people to clean both sides of Broad Street from I-70 to Hague Avenue. Everything looks great!

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