CURRENT OFFICERS (2022 - 2023)

Geoffrey Phillips, President

Marian Lupo, Vice President

Gene' Klingler, Secretary

Cathy Tope, Treasurer

The Highland West Civic Association  2023

What and where is Highland West?

What is the Highland Civic Association all about?

The Highland West Civic Association (2006) is organized for charitable and educational purposes, including, but NOT limited to, improving the viability, livability, and overall quality of life for the residents of Highland West by pursuing the following goals:

  • To engage and educate neighbors regarding issues of interest to the residents of Highland West, promoting community, acceptance, and mutual respect.
  • To promote a safe community by establishing a community wide block watch, working with local law enforcement officials to educate the public as to crime trends and crime prevention .
  • To promote a clean community by organizing neighborhood clean ups, teaching and empowering residents to do the same, establishing community pride and personal responsibility
  • To promote decent living conditions for all our residents, working with landlords, city code officials, and educating our residents as to available resources to assist in the upkeep of their property.  
  • To promote home ownership in the Highland West area by working with governmental and non-profit organizations.
  • To encourage the upgrading of existing businesses, professions and the development of new businesses in our area that benefit our community.
  • To promote and assist in the inclusive revitalization of the Highland West area, fully supporting and bringing into reality the goals of the City of Columbus documents:  The Greater Hilltop Plan (2001), The Economic Development Strategy for West Broad Street (2004) which called for the need of a special district within the Broad Street NCR Corridor, soon thereafter called “Highland West”, the Highland West Visioning Charrette (2006), and the Greater Hilltop Plan Amendment (2010).”


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