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"Other" neighborhoods have tried to immitate and outdo, but none have come close to our annual displays in Highland West, and we know that this year will be no exception!!!    We will be traveling throughout the neighborhood, seeking out light displays and photographing them to post on our our website at www.highlandwest.US for all to see.  The photo's will also be shared on our Face Book page.  Since it is difficult to get to everyone, if you have a display of your own or there's a display you think MUST be a part of the collage, please photograph it and send the picture(s) to our email box, so we can post it!  Inside-the-house pictures of interior decor, Christmas Trees ,and like are fine too!  (We wil not display addresses, etc. for your privacy and security.)
Have fun everyone!

We’re now in The Giving Store! The Giving Store at is a one-stop shop for effective and easy philanthropy of any kind. Check out our organization in The Giving Store by clicking on the link below  to make a gift today or in the future:

Highland West Community Safety Meetings​ will not be held during the months of November and December due to conflicts with holidays.  HOWEVER, our community safety meetings will resume on the 4th Monday evening at 7:00 PM in January.  The first meeting will be held Monday, January 24, 2022 - so MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  We wish to thank everyone who attended and a special thanks to our community liaison officer, John Coaty and other members of the CPD staff for all their support.

To  donate to the good works that we do in our community, please use the "Donate" button.  

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