Saturday, September 2, 2017, FIRST  SATURDAYS  AT  GLENWOOD, 10-Noon,  Glenwood Park, 1925 W. Broad (1888 Fairmont Avenue - rear address where there's plenty of parking).  We come together as a community of neighbors to pick up litter, attend to our floral plantings along Broad Street, and whatever else we can do to make OUR park a more inviting, enjoyable place to be.   Bring the whole family, there will be something to do for everyone.  Everyone is most welcome!

How do you join The Highland West Civic Association? Everyone is welcome to come to all of our activities and presentations, but membership is a special feature allowing you to vote and have a say in all things that the association does.  The cost per year is only $10.00 and that pays for all the adults in your household!  Money from dues helps cover our expenses for the newsletter, flyers, advertising, food, and necessary supplies so we can continue to be an effective force for change in the community.  You may join at any event or meeting by visiting our sign in table near the doorway!

​Neighborhood Watch Groups​ do exist in Highland West and everyone that wants to help fight crime in our community is welcome to be a part of one.   If you want to join one and become a part of making the community a better place, then please use the form below to sign up or to make an inquiry.  We'll assign it to whoever is the captain of your area and they will contact you!   Making a neighborhood great and safe is something that is up to all of us .... we're all in this together and you are very much needed!  Participants' names are never distributed or made public.

Sign up to be on our EMAIL LIST, so you're always be sure to receive invitations to join our events and activities to make our neighborhood a better place!  You may also use this form to contact us and we will get back to you.

Community  Events

The Highland West Civic Association, 2017.

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Thursday,  September 7, 2017,  7:00 PM, Highland West Civic Association Meeting.   Glenwood Community Center, 1888 Fairmont Avenue.  We have lots to discuss!  Plenty of parking in the parking lot!