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PLEASE SIGN OUR ONLINE PETITION!  A housing project has been proposed for the acreage on North Wheatland Avenue, a large apartment building, which could be the first of many, so they're trying to change the zoning to AR1 (allowing 36 apartment units per acre).  It is currently zoned Neighborhood End, calling for traditional neighborhood development.  The goal of the association is and has always been mixed income development.  It is exciting to see how our area has increased in its diversity over the past decade and we do not want that to change.  Sometimes, though, one needs to protect and nurture that diversity to not only promote it, but to also protect it from gentrification at one end and an  over-concentration of poverty by outside forces seeking the renewal of other city neighborhoods at the other.  All the neighborhoods of the hilltop are special, Highland West, Westgate, South Central, Wilshire Heights, Miriam, Hiltonia, Holly Hill, etc., and what affects one of them affects all of them.  So thanks to everyone for your support and willingness to help.  Follow this link to get there, and please share it with others:

Community  Events

​Neighborhood Watch Groups​ do exist in Highland West and everyone that wants to help fight crime in our community is welcome to be a part of one.   If you want to join one and become a part of making the community a better place, then please use the form below to sign up or to make an inquiry.  We'll assign it to whoever is the captain of your area and they will contact you!   Making a neighborhood great and safe is something that is up to all of us .... we're all in this together and you are very much needed!  Participants' names are never distributed or made public.

UPDATE on the Apartment Complex!  Over the past week the developer has made the following changes: (1) 102 N. Wheatland has been removed for now and will remain a leased urban farm  (2) 158 N. Wheatland is the only site an apartment complex is being placed on with a requested zoning change to ARLD (Apartment Residential Low Density/17.4 units per acre).  (3) Low Income Housing Tax Credits will be sought by the developer but they "do not yet know" the breakdown as to the residential composition of the complex.  (4) They will not seek a variance on the height of the building, but leave it at the allowed 35 feet per the requirements of the new zoning they are seeking.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the hearing!  See you at the meeting on the 5th!

TUESDAY, December 5, 2017, Greater Hilltop AREA COMMISSION Meeting, 7:00, Hilltop Library, 511 S. Hague Avenue.  The petition to change zoning and to grant variances will be heard before the entire commission.  A yes vote will tell the City that the commission fully supports the proposed apartment development on N. Wheatland Avenue.  A no vote does not mean it will not happen, but at least if it does happen, our own commission would have stood behind us and supported us in their "no" vote.  PLEASE COME and make your voice heard!  

Thursday, December 7, 2017, Highland West Civic Association Meeting, 7:00.  Glenwood Community Center, 1888 Fairmont Avenue.  We will be announcing the candidacies for our 2018 elections and we will also be discussing the aftermath of the decisions regarding the Wheatland Crossing II Project from the GHAC Hearing and the GHAC Commission Meeting.


How do you join The Highland West Civic Association? Everyone is welcome to come to all of our activities and presentations, but membership is a special feature allowing you to vote and have a say in all things that the association does.  The cost per year is only $10.00 and that pays for all the adults in your household!  Money from dues helps cover our expenses for the newsletter, flyers, advertising, food, and necessary supplies so we can continue to be an effective force for change in the community.  You may join at any event or meeting by visiting our sign in table near the doorway!

The Fall 2017 Newsletter is in the mail and out!   Here's the full colour version!

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