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The Highland West Civic Association, 2022.

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A special thank you to Zach Gwin, Columbus City Police, and City Officials/Staff, that gave us the privilege of leading them on a tour of Highland West on the North and South sides of Broad Street, discussing major issues with them along the way.  Our organization will continue the work we began in 2006 to create a great and safe neighborhood on the north and south sides of Broad Street, east of Hague.  We thank the City for their confidence in our abilities and trust in our advisement.

Our success and our ability to stage events and to bring people together is dependent upon your support as members of The Highland West Civic Association, along with your willingness to volunteer and take part in our programs and advocacy.  Highland West holds great promise and WE INVITE you to become part of "the vision" of all that it can be;  please click on the link and join us!        

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The Highland West Neighborhood Mosey with       Assistant City Attorney Zach Gwin


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Highland West Community Safety Meeting, Thursday, September 29th, at 7:00 PM, at the Glenwood Rec Center, 1888 Fairmont Avenue.   All are welcome!   See you there!